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Iceland | Beer Tasting at Olgerdin Brewery from Reykjavik


Iceland-Beer Tasting at Olgerdin Brewery from ReykjavikPinTours.com

Taste the spirit of Iceland on a guided tour of the Olgerdin Brewery in Reykjavik. Your one-hour brewery tour introduces you to the history of alcohol in Iceland and the unique drinking culture that’s fostered there. With plenty of Icelandic beers and a shot of Brennivin schnapps to sample, your Reykjavik brewery tour is guaranteed to put a smile on your face!

Departing from central Reykjavik, your evening brewery tour will head to the Olgerdin Egill Skallagrimsson Brewery in the east part of the city. The brewery is Iceland’s oldest, yet you’ll find the renovated site to be stylishly modern.

While you sample classic Icelandic beers such as Gull and Malt & Appelsin, your expert guide will regale you with stories about Icelandic drinking culture through the ages. Learn about mead, a honey wine that was brewed by the Vikings, and down a shot of Brennivin schnapps, Iceland’s signature liquor made from fermented potato mash and caraway seeds.

Iceland was one of many Nordic countries where alcohol prohibition was enforced in the early 1900s, and you’ll hear plenty about this fascinating era on your Reykjavik brewery tour. Beer was totally banned in the country until as recently as 1989, but the Icelandic drinkers of the time created an interesting beer substitute that you can sample before your guided tour ends.

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