Ghosts and Graveyard Tour of Pensacola (14232P5)

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Ghosts and Graveyard Tour of Pensacola
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Ghosts and Graveyard Tour of Pensacola


Haunted houses, ghosts, spooky cemetery–get the ultimate, adult Halloween experience in Pensacola with Go Retro. This riding tour covers a wide area with stops in the Commercial Business District, Seville, Sanders Beach, North and West Hill. You even visit a cemetery! It is designed for mature audiences; therefore parental guidance is advised.

Learn about the five types of hauntings that are common in Pensacola.

Begin at an active funeral home and learn about the embalming process.  Learn about others who have worked on bodies and some who enjoyed their occupation a little too much.  Visit another funeral home that has been converted into a Youth center and hear why so many children go home with nightmares.  There are even stories of bones that were dug up in the backyard.  

Travel into the Seville Historic District and see a house where abortions were conducted and the remains were hidden in the walls until the smell gave away the secret hideaways.  See where a murder happened and why some still hear the gunshots.  

Learn where one man took a psychic’s advice:  He dug up his yard and removed his house to find a buried treasure.  

Hear what happened when one adolescent let the Devil inside or another who got tempted to play too close to the stove.  There also is the story of the man who got his skull crushed just outside where the bus was parked.  

What about the Greek immigrant who everyone hated and somehow disappeared?  

Then in Sanders Beach, you can see the outside of the most haunted house where psychics now won’t even visit.  

In a cemetery, you can see where a person was almost buried alive and another who was.  You can also see the grave of the most notorious black train robber in U.S. history and hear why some say he is still upset.  

In North Hill, you can see Pensacola’s first upscale neighborhood, where most of the homes are over 100 years old.  One home was featured on the Science Fiction Channel’s hit TV series, Haunted Collector.  The residents still see things.  

This is a fast paced tour for the person who wants fascinating ghost stories with historical background.  All stories were heavily researched and are sure to entertain.  

We operate under moonlight and unfortunately can’t predict the visibility of landmarks from specific distances.  We can guarantee you a fun tour though!

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Ghosts and Graveyard Tour of Pensacola

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Ghosts and Graveyard Tour of Pensacola

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