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Morning Pho Trail Food Tour in Ho Chi Minh City 

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Culinary & Gourmet Tour


Morning Pho Trail Food Tour in Ho Chi Minh City-Ho Chi Minh City-VietnamPinTours.com

In this “a morning walking tour to discover the “Pho Trail,” you will be taken out of the tourist area into the “real” Ho Chi Minh City to taste Vietnam’s unofficial national dishes. During this 4-hour guided tour you will venture thorough many local markets, explore a local temple where you can you’ll get your fortune read. This is a chance to explore all the backstreets and experience Vietnam as a only a local would.

Start your day slurping a bowl of Vietnam’s unofficial national dish, pho.

At about 8am – 8:30am, you will be taken out of the tourist area into the “real” Ho Chi Minh City, to a pho place that’s been serving noodle soup for more than 30 years. This place is one of Saigon’s best kept secrets, and it also serves great Vietnamese coffee.

After breakfast, wander around the backstreets, past bakeries, com tam (broken rice) restaurants and other intriguing local shops. As you walk you will start collecting snacks from local stalls and wandering vendors.

Walk through a chaotic local wet market, past dried, pickled and fresh produce, live seafood and a noisy eating area. As you poke around, you will collect more snacks and some tropical fruit. Then you will adjourn to the grounds of a nearby temple to eat the food you have collected. After the picnic you will explore the temple, which is dedicated to an Imperial military leader. You can get your fortune told at the temple using a unique system of numbered sticks.

This tour, suitable for families, is a great introduction to Vietnam. During the tour get to know some of the basics that will make your visit to Vietnam enjoyable, including how to cross the road. While it’s not physically possible to eat everything you see on the tour, when you’re finished you should be able to easily identify a range of local dishes and know how to order them.

The tour will end at your hotels in the Central of District 1 & 3 around 12pm – 12:30pm.

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