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 Naples Seaside Bike Tour

Italy, Campania and Naples, Naples


Naples Seaside Bike Tour
Walking & Biking Tours

Naples Seaside Bike Tour

The tour will give you an immediate glimpse of the beauty of the city which fascinated people from the ancient Greeks, the Romans, and the Medieval poets to the tireless travellers on the nineteenth century’s “Grand Tour”.

Initially we follow the promenade of Naples, touching the magical original nucleus of the city, Castel dell’ Ovo and its underlying village “Borgo Marinari”. Then head west on Via Caracciolo where you pedal along Naples promenade, once the beach serving the old fishing district of Naples, the folk neighbourhood of Mergellina and elegant Chiaia, now a popular spot for a walk or a bar crawl.

A light, steady climb takes us on Posillipo hill, a panoramic oasis so close and yet far from the city, dear to poets and nobles, with its villas overlooking the sea, the bold road that bypasses caves and gullies and crosses with the winding down that lead the former agricultural villages of the hill, to the green sea sailed by the fishing boats.

As final reward of our pedalling,  we reach the Virgilian Park, which dominates the top of the hill, a very popular place among the Neapolitans for its green and especially the superb view of the Bay of Naples with Vesuvius and the islands of Capri, Ischia and Procida.

Naples Seaside Bike Tour

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Naples Seaside Bike Tour

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