Pachamanca Cultural Experience in Lima (14681P8)

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Pachamanca Cultural Experience in Lima
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Pachamanca Cultural Experience in Lima


Enjoy a unique and cultural experience as you take part in Pachamanca (PAGUAPU) which is a celebration and Andean ritual in which people offer something special to Mother Earth. You will then enjoy the food prepared during this time and take special memories with you.

After hotel pickup, you will head to the location where the event will take place. Along the way, your guide will explain to you all about the preparation of this Andean tradition. You will reach the local house and get ready for the ceremony and the process of this tradition.

Once all is ready, you will enjoy seeing this tradition take place and offering special food to Mother Earth (Pachamama) which locals see as a sign to bring good health, good harvest and give thanks.

Following this celebration, you will enjoy the food prepared which includes pork, chicken and vegetables like potatoes, beans, sweet potatoes and corn. You will share a good time with the locals and then head back to your hotel.

Pachamanca Cultural Experience in Lima

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Pachamanca Cultural Experience in Lima

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