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 Private Day Trip to Lepakshi from Bangalore

India, Karnataka, Bengaluru


Private Day Trip to Lepakshi from Bangalore
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Private Day Trip to Lepakshi from Bangalore

Explore the architectural gems of Lepakshi, aboard a Royal Enfield motorcycle or private car during this 13-hour private guided excursion. Pick your preferred ride as venture to attractions like the statue of Nandi (India’s largest monolith), Virabhadra temple, and the Lepakshi-style paintings of the village temples. Breakfast, lunch, and a private tour guide are all included.

Depart from Brigade Gateway Campus in Bangalore aboard your chosen ride, leaving at 6:30am. After orientation, you’ll travel via Bellary Road, continuing past the Airport towards Lepakshi. Make a brief stop for breakfast before continuing for 2.5 hours between Bangalore and Lepakshi.

Arrive in this ancient town and head to India’s largest “Nandi” Bull statue. Made from a single granite block, this statue stands 15 feet (4.5 meters) tall and 27 feet (8.2 meters) long. The statue is bejeweled with garlands, bell chain, earrings and other jewelry.

Take a lunch break after the statue before heading to Virabhadra Temple. Explore this 16th century masterpiece of Vijaynagara-style of architecture. First in line is the section called “Mukha Mandapa,” which served as the main venue for local dances and other cultural activities. We then visit the Artha Mandapa where the King did his worship and where the “Garbha Griha” houses the deity. What follows is a unique wedding hall made from grey sandstone with 38 carved, monolithic, pillars.

You’ll then get to look at the exquisite collection of paintings on the walls of the temple. The paintings of Lepakshi follow a unique style with elegant line-work set against an orange-red background. The rich textile patterns, detailed hairstyles of people and exquisite jewelry depicted in the paintings are sure to leave an impression. Your guide will also narrate some stories of the legends around the temple. One of the most interesting stories is about why the King ordered the eyes of Virupanna, the builder of this temple, to be plucked away.

By 4pm, leave Lepakshi and begin the trip back to Bangalore. The tour ends when we return to Bangalore in the evening, returning to the original departure point.

Private Day Trip to Lepakshi from Bangalore

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Private Day Trip to Lepakshi from Bangalore

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