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Shore Excursion to Cu Chi Tunnels from Phu My Port 

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

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Shore Excursion to Cu Chi Tunnels from Phu My Port-Ho Chi Minh City-VietnamPinTours.com

Explore the labyrinth of the Cu Chi tunnels tour from Phu My Port on an 8-hour. It is a great work with over 200 km of tunnels spreading like cobwebs into the earth. It brings deep chasms of hatred and strong and indomitable will of “land of steel that is a brilliant symbol of the heroism of the people of Vietnam. In their heyday, the tunnels were functioning underground cities.

Discover the vast network of subterranean rooms on an 8-hour shore excursion Cu Chi tunnels tour from Phu My Port, with round-trip transportation from Phu My Port.

An emblem for Vietnam’s continuous fight against foreign incursions. The tunnel system was extended for about 120 miles (200 km) as far as the Cambodian border, and even under what was once a US Air Base.

It’s about 2.5 hours to relax on transferring from Vung Tau. When we arrive Cu Chi tunnel, tour guide will explain how the tunnels were dug by hand and provided vital shelter to the Vietnamese guerrillas during the war. The area you will visit lay at the end of the famous Ho Chi Minh Trail and was the base from where guerillas planned their attacks on military sites in Saigon. At last, the area became a “Free Fire Zone” and was carpet-bombed by the Americans during the war.

During the tour, you will visit the museum to watch photos and artifacts from the struggle. Then, go underground to experience the tunnels for yourself. You will also try to squeeze through the minuscule hidden entrances to reach the largest part of the tunnel. We will look for a secret hole in the garden, and get a sense of the hardship of the conflict.

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